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Found 17th Aug 2017
I keep getting a bad neck and pillows I buy only seem to last a few months before going flat including bounce back ones.

any recommendations?
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How many pillows are you using ? What position do you sleep in? I find that is more important than the actual quality of the pillows
If you want pillows you don't have to plump up then you're probably looking at foam. The main options being either elastic or visco-elastic polyurethane (normal and memory foam respectively) and Latex foam.

As reeco says though, it's much more important to get a pillow of the right height for you and your sleeping style.
I have 2 pillows but I tend to just push 1 back and use 1. I sleep on my left side every night that's the only position I find comfortable
Bounceback ones are ok if you want to be propped up to watch a movie etc, but I used Silentnight deep sleep as my sleeping pillow and they were great for 6-12 months then rubbish, Silentnight ultimate pillow however is fantastic nearly two years later. It's quilted like this

So everything stays in place I guess. Felt it was a bit too plump for a day/week and the has been the same perfectness since then
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Are you a back, front or side sleeper (or a combination).

Do you want natural or man-made fillings?

I buy White Company or John Lewis natural down (I don't like synthetic or feather) but they aren't cheap. However I used to sleep with 2 pillows until I found the right mix and now I only have 1.

Thinking about how many hours you spend in bed and need to rest, a pillow should be as much an investment as your mattress.
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tovtm3 h, 34 m ago

I have 2 pillows but I tend to just push 1 back and use 1. I sleep on my …I have 2 pillows but I tend to just push 1 back and use 1. I sleep on my left side every night that's the only position I find comfortable

In that case I'd reccomended using 2 pillows, it will help keep your neck in a neutral position.

If you notice when you sleep on your side with 1 pillow your head will most likely sag downwards as there isn't enough support

Also make sure the pillow is only under your neck/head and not the top of your shoulders

It's also reccomended to put a pillow in-between your knees when sleeping on your side , try it and see what you think

2 pillows for support if you're on your side and 1 pillow if on your back , sleeping on your front is usually a no go but it's all about preference and finding what works for you
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Dunelm have quite a selection of pillows, when you are ready to buy.
Than you for your suggestions I will put them into practice over the next few nights. I did find I wake up thought the night Ann's I'm shelling on my front with my head turned to the side 😄
I just bought a latex pillow about 2 or 3 months ago.
Best pillow I have bought still like new cool throughout the night and supportive.

Took me a while to pick a latex pillow as I sleep on my side, back and front so I needed one to fit all my sleeping positions.

I ended up buying Latex Plus By Yanis Traditional Dunlop Latex Pillow at 40 quid it was dearest pillow I have bought but we'll worth it!
I used to be the same - I now have a memory foam contoured pillow - had it for over two years and it's still as good as when I got it for support. It's not a £80 Tempur one, can't remember where I actually got it from but it was a lot cheaper.

Here's on on Groupon although it only looks like it's got one contour:…s-4
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