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I am kind of a novice to gardening so would love some advice. I'm looking for some bedding plants and wanted to know if the plants at places like Lidl and Tesco are the same quality as say homebase or are garden centers better?

Thank you
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Not a lot of difference TBH apart from price of course . However buy from a garden centre there will be a greater choice of varieties and expert advice freely available (which plants like sun ,shade , clay and such things).

Also makes a nice trip out (to a Garden centre) for the family , have a cup of coffee and get inspiration for your garden . Trouble is its easy to spend a fortune on all the lovely plants and things .
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Agreed. Although I am a great fan of Lidl's plants. Am looking at a number of the right now and would not epxect to get any better from a nursery
If you see trays cheep grab them. They go quick.
Might be worth checking to see if your local council sell plants, Mine does, they have a nursery where they grow all the bedding plants for the councils needs, and any extra are sold off cheap. Very cheap compost as well.
Another way to get cheap trays of bedding plants is from the Supermarkets .

They often sell off trays of half dead plants for pennies (having forgotten to water them !) . Take them home give them a good water and they will be fine in a couple of days
I will second what @rogparki said wen't to Morrisons yesterday and they had loads or terracotta pre planted pots at 40p metal pre planted buckets for £1 trays of primroses for 40p.

Recently bought some bedding plants form Aldi too doing alright in the garden. Also picked up 40l of compost for £1.99.

I'm the same as you @sumz01 a novice so just trying to find plants that are easy to grow.
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