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Found 12th Oct 2007

Wonder if you guys can help me.
I am looking for cheap bedroom furniture - ie, bedside cabinet, chest of drawers and a wardrobe. and dont fancy paying £150-200+
They are for rental properties so doesnt have to the best brand in the world...

dont even mind dealing direct with suppliers if anyone knows any...

Thanks in advance
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2nd hand wins for rentals, classifieds etc

Hope you make a decent inventory and got a digital camera
If you don't mind keeping old/used{in good condition though} furniture in your home, then my advice would be to spend half of your weekend visting the local charity shops {and if you live in a small town as I do, then you can try the charity shops at the neighbouring towns as well }.

You will be surprised to see the nice quality of furniture available at very nominal prices. I recently moved into an unfurnished flat and have furnished the house courtesy the charity shops, I bought a TV stand for £5, coffee table for £10, dining table for £30, desk for £10..and the list goes on, total £147 spend (inc. delivery) and the house is furnished.

The best charity shop stocking loads for furniture in my area is Debra:

You can look for your local branch here:

Debra shops deliver the furniture bought only for £7 {for the whole lot}

There are plenty of others as well, where you can find a lot of good stuff a very nominal prices:

You will need to find your local shop - Google 'sue ryder '




I am new in the UK and have found that buying stuff from the charity shops is a good way to save money.

Others, please add to the list if you know of other charity shops.
Argos do cheap packages... Their stuff's the same as Homebases stuff now too so not as poorly made as it used to be lol
Or try freecycle ... 'cheap is good, free is better', as my dad says :thumbsup:
Look out for a local auction, big stuff like wardrobes etc go for next to nothing.
yeah might check out the local auctions. Any idea where i can get more info??

I try and stay away from big name shops like argos etc as they are just a rip off for this kind of thing.

thanks for the help so far
B&Q are phasing out the old range of free-standing bedroom furniture, they have a better range instore, but here's a link to the ones on the website diy.com/diy…746
But be afraid to haggle the prices in B&Q on clearance items, if it's the last one and they're not getting anymore in they will drop the price.:thumbsup:

[url]www.gumtree.com[/url] have a freebie section and you sometime find these items advertised for collection only.
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