Found 19th Sep 2017
Does anyone have any experience with IKEA for Beds.

Are IKEA any good for beds ?
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We have had IKEA beds for us and for our kids over many years. All sturdy and reliable. Also easy to disassemble and sell on when you/kids want a new one. IMHO good value for money.
Which magazine last month put Ikea mattresses as top buy.
Had Ikea beds for years without any issues. And mattresses. Easy to put together and sturdy. The one I have at the moment is cheapest of the cheap because the dimensions fitted the then bedroom best. Had it eight or nine years now and it is as good as new. Think I've had my £65 quid worth out of it.
Yes - don't buy the cheap ones - I broke my ex-girlfriends bed and had to buy her a better one - and yes it was broken from purely one particular activity...
I've just bought some of their mattresses - certainly very good value IF you get the right ones.

The cheaper sprung ones are rubbish and I wasn't impressed with any of the foam ones.

I actually found the mid range ones best - the top end pocket sprung were just too soft/bouncy (they have two layers of pocket springs and the top layer is too soft). I'd rate the hyllestad as the best, followed by the hovag. I bought hovag because they do a wider size range and I needed a euro size for my base.
really though you need to go try them out, remember that using a decent topper can make a huge difference as well
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