Has anybody any ideas on where to get a decent bed for a decent price??? all suggestions greatfully recieved.


    if you're a male..on yer bike...female?..well you've come to the right place for a HOT deal...inflation?...well of course ..stud prices never stand still.

    But seriously I think you need to mention a my experience you get what you pay for with a bed...a decent one is well worth the extra expence and will stand the test of time.

    Aw! I think you have missed Tesco's big clear out :-( , I bought my son a lovely new futon with bunk bed £100. you could have a look to make sure it has finished ;-) apart from that I would sugest looking through Quidco to see whats around. Argos have a wide selection! Happy shopping

    Ikea's quite a good bet, fairly cheap and reasonable quality (compared to dfs/mfi ) and they generally look good. I hear they are now delivering through an online service but check for your area! hope this helps :thumbsup:

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    was hopin to pay about £300 direction if that helps…yGB

    take a look at some of the online retailers ..find a bed you like within your budget and then it's a case of which retailer is the cheapest.

    this place has got loads and seems reasonably priced to me!

    have you checked argos? sometimes they have half price offers let me check.

    no offers at the moment but prices still good

    a quality make to look out for is jay-be, at least its not china made stuff that most the high street stores sell.

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    thank you everyone - tried the bedworld place - but not so good for me im in northern ireland;-)


    thank you everyone - tried the bedworld place - but not so good for me im … thank you everyone - tried the bedworld place - but not so good for me im in northern ireland;-)

    Yes NI is a problem for expensive delivery...good luck with your search.

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    thanks for the help everyone

    try [url][/url]

    rest assured,silentnight,sealy,pocket sprung bed company all make good beds.
    and the cheaper end layezee.
    these 5 companies are basically the same company and make a bed for everyones pocket.
    theres so much choice now it can be mind boggling,memory foam,pocket sprung(indvidual springs),mini springs ontop of normal springs(rest assured sanctuary range),pillow top,memory foam box(springs inside a memory foam box)and the good old crappy wire frame matt(bonnell):)
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