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Found 23rd Jun 2011
Hey i recently purchased a product from bee and it's arrived and everything but the money hasn't left my account which i expected it too as most companies like to take it on dispatch, so im just wondering if anybody has had this happen and if they will charge me at a later date so i can leave the money in my account or they have made a mistake and not charged me at all


inb4 someone who works for Bee reports you

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Lol, im only asking because if they're gonna take it another day i can leave some money in so i don't go overdrawn and get charged for that

i'd leave some money in for at least 28 days if i were you !!

You should leave the money in your account and if they dont take the money out, ring them up and let them know.
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id close my account

Just out of curiosity what did you buy?

I got F.E.A.R. 3 PC from just wanted to know if you ordered that as well?

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Just out of curiosity what did you buy?I got F.E.A.R. 3 PC from … Just out of curiosity what did you buy?I got F.E.A.R. 3 PC from just wanted to know if you ordered that as well?

Ordered just cause 2 and got the dispatch e-mail etc just no charges!

When I got homefront from them I didn't get charged as they didn't say it was dispatched. I got it 2 days before release too.

It was only after about 2 weeks they decided to say it was dispatched and then charged me.

By that time I had already traded the game in too (_;)


lemme know your bank card number, expiry date and security code and I'll make sure it gets to them

Only kidding, I'd leave enough money in your account for 28 days, as already mentioned Might just be a delay at their end with payment processing

Inb4 "It's so unfair. I got bank charges"

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I was just asking because i need to move my money around but dont wanna get slapped with overdraft charges if they decide to take the money at a later date

Well it's not gonna do you any harm keeping it in there seeing as how it should have been taken... and if it had been taken you wouldn't be moving it to another account.

Same on Just Cause 2. My available balance was showing as it was waiting to come out. But now it's not. I'm sure they will take it soon enough (_;)

I got petrol a couple of weeks ago and they didn't take the money for 14 days so I'd leave it in there personally.
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