Beef Jerky best value/cheapest?

Posted 15th Oct 2012

I recently got into Beef Jerky, the WIld West kind which costs around £2-2.50 in the supermarkets. You only get around 50g for that!

I know its bigger in the States (yee-haa) and cheaper but I'm not on my way over there any time soon..well we'll see how this new addiction goes!

I know theres billabong beef jerky which is similar and identical pricing too. Does anyone have any hints/clues as to get it cheaper? Otherwise I'll have to look into making it myself!…272

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I agree with making it yourself, leave some shavings off the next sunday roast

Insane price, thanks. Wish they were online though.

A thread on this subject from a few months ago with some useful liks

Cheers mate.
This seems to be the best price for the WW stuff (from the thread)
Reading the description, its 170% beef! halleluya!

Compared with 2.20 for 50g (4.4pence per gram), it works out as 3.5 pence or £35 per KG!!!. Still a ******** rip off

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Is this Halal meat or normal meat ??

Is this Halal meat or normal meat ??

Normal I'm afraid, although you can pick up some Halal Jerky here - Halal Jerky
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I'm craving it so badly! Ugggh
Right, just had a tip off of somewhere selling the 80g bag for 1.50. Back in a bit!
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