Beef Jerky - Pros and cons for bodybuilding?

Found 30th Sep 2008
Hi, i'm currently big on body building and at the medium stage at the moment and someone suggested adding beef jerky to my diet, does anyone know where i can get good low fat ones and cheap ones from and if it is worth eating for bodybuilding purposes?

Thanks in advance
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taken from ]The British Beef Jerky site, have seen it in Sainsburys

Beef Jerky can be eaten by anyone, at any time, and is a perfect replacement for unhealthy, empty-calorie snacks like sweets, pork scratchings, crisps, popcorn, etc. Anyone, in any walk of life, can benefit from the high-protein, low-fat properties of our beef jerky.
[*]Energy - 1161 kJ/100g
[*]Energy - 274 kcal/100g
[*]Protein - 52.49g/100g
[*]Fat - 1.8g/100g[/LIST] Beef Jerky's high-protein, low-fat qualities are perfect for anyone who is following the world-renowned Atkins weight loss Diet, which involves eating high-protein, low carbohydrate foods.
As far as I am concerned, it's not great. Beef protein has a low bio-availability. Loaded with chemicals and additives. You are better off with a high quality whey protein if you can afford it. Otherwise, get some cheap chicken breasts from a supermarket, grill them, take them out the fridge as you need them.
But tastes sooo good!
Anything in moderation, I train everyday and snack on Beef Jerky at least once a week, cost per gram of protein is high, for your money cottage cheese is a winner - a but girly but stir in some dried chilli's or mustard, both of which speed your metabolism and you have a high protein snack!
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