Been bitten by something, best thing to calm it down and make it go away?

    As title really, working in the garden on Friday, have been bitten twice and they are getting quite big, feel bruised all round. Have been trying an anti itch cream, but think that is just helping with the symptoms, not the cure.

    What's everyones cure for calming down bites? Last time I got bitten last year it went huge and got all infected, so want to avoid this at all costs.


    Allergy/hayfever tablets with antihistamine should help.
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    Go see your chemist, they'll probably give you some antihistame which will reduce swelling and itching.
    If its got infected, then you'll need to see your doctor for anti-biotics.

    As above - antihistamine

    anthisan should help. Also try rubbing an asprin tablet on it.

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    I already take antihistimine every day for hayfever and allergies. It's making no difference with this, may ask the chemist.

    Yikes - you have probably become slightly immune! Go see the chemist - good luck

    ask your wife/partner to suck the infection out..........:{



    HC45 hydrocortisone cream and anti-histamine tabs, like loratadine

    Agree with chesso, antihistamines are good, but hydrocortisone best for really bad bites.
    I'm covered with various insect bites from the garden too.

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    Cool, off to boots for pharmasutical advise and hydrocortisone cream. Thanks guys! As ever, who needs a doctor, lawyer, financial advisor. Hotukdeals can do it!

    Atleast ya didn't get stung on the inside of ya lip by a wasp (or wasp like creature). That was not pleasent and hurt like hell for hours. Felt like I had been smacked in the teeth by Mike Tyson. I took anti-histamine tablets.

    They will help stop the reaction to the bits and the swelling. Also try to avoid picking at them although it's often hard.

    Your title description made it sound like it was still there and and very angry.

    Naturally, aloe vera gel
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