Been called up to jury service

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Found 13th Jul 2009
Really nervous. has anyone here done it before? whats the experience like?

also, what do I need to wear? (im male) and how long does it usually take for the expenses to come back, as its gonna cost a tenner a day to get there and back on the train..


Will you be wearing your helmet?

just ignore it


Will you be wearing your helmet?

I would I keep it so they don't recognise you :thumbsup:


That's what they've told are actually going to be facing charges for crimes against the FS/FT forum. :thumbsup:

wear a tight dress and red lipstick.

ps i know your male before you say

Awwww don't be nervous, the guards like new blood, but just shut your eyes

i would love to be called up for it!!

dont bend down to pick up the soap in the shower block:thumbsup:

I did it YEARS ago, was ok, bit dull if anything, lots of sitting around but made some friends too. You can wear what you like but the scruffier you are the less likely you are to get picked, so it's up to you.

Re travel, can't you get a weekly ticket which would be cheaper ? I remember I claimed for loss of earnings too, they didn't ask questions so I was quids in :thumbsup: Felt like an MP . . .

you should go dressed like sherlock holmes, i think that'd be awesome.

I did a six month stint a few years ago, they did warn me on the original letter that they had a case coming up that would be at least three months. Just my luck I got it. If I remember correctly they paid the expences quite quickly and yes you can claim for loss of earnings, lunch ETC:)


i would love to be called up for it!!

Yeah me too!!

Dress as you like but remember this your civic duty and you should respect the Queens Court

I thought it was great when we sent the scum down for 12 years for child porn

I did this a couple of years ago, really enjoyed it.On the first day you had to state how long it took you to get there, show a receipt for the cheapest form of travel.That receipt was the amount they then used to pay you for each days travelling expenses.The time of travel was also used for the rest of the days you were on jury service.
Take a book,it can be very boring sitting around, we got given a card pre-loaded with a certain amount of money for each day for use in the canteen.
Expenses were paid very quickly-I think it was about a week.
Wear whatever you like/feel comfortable in.
Selection for the court is totally random.
On the first day we were given a tour of the court and a chat about how the system works,all very interesting.
Don't forget if you are on a case and you break for lunch-you can be fined if late back!
Lockers were provided when I did my service.
Hope the above helps.

I would love it.
Think I'd dress as a cop, or a superhero, no a giant carrot suit.

i got called up but i managed to get out of it, i was 4 months pregnant and had terrible morning, afternoon and evening sickness so they let me off, i wish i could have done it though

I been called up once but got out of it,didn't want to go.

Loads people I know have been and not called up and they sat about wasting their day. Take a DS or PSP or something with you.
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