Been fined even thought i had a parking ticket

    This time last week i went to the slough train station to catch a train to london. I parked in a big multistory car park about 50m away from the station but unfortunatly did not have £7 in coins to pay for an all day ticket.

    So i went down to the station and asked for some change, but the man did not want to give me any, so i said ok can i buy a parking ticket from here? to which he said yes. So at the station i got a return ticket to london, and a all day parking ticket valid at any car park . I went back, displayed the ticket clearly in the windscreen (however this ticket was like a train ticket and couldn't be stuck on the windscreen). I go back down and miss my train :x .
    Come back later that day, drive off and while driving i notice something, a parking ticket!

    I was fined £60 (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days) for not displaying a parking ticket.

    I wrote to them, but they said they had photo evidence that i did not have a valid parking ticket.

    what are my rights? what can i do?


    Ask To See The Photo Evidence.

    sometimes they say that but dont really have it. and if you did display your ticket it should show in photo.

    Do you still have the ticket for the car park?

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    no i sent it to them and they have not returned it. i have a photocopy of it.

    So they supply parking attendants with cameras these days!mmmmm

    As said previously,insist on seeing the photo evidence.It may also be worth getting in touch with CAB for further advice.

    Good luck,I would be really peeved(politest word I can think of!) if this happened to me.

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    i was really angry when i noticed they had the balls to fine me for no reason! and now this! i am just about to scan the letter and the parking ticket copy so that perhaps you could have a clearer idea of whats going on and tell me what i can do.

    p.s: how do i upload photos?

    Never come across a parking attendant with a camera!!!

    At least you have a copy of the car park ticket, itshould have a time on it somewhere so proves the time you bought it at. Together with this and the no doubt lack of photographic evidence it would be difficult for them to prove!

    As Muckypup suggests get in touch with the CAB or Watchdog, they have had features on similar cases before

    You can upload photos by linking to them from a free image hosting site such as Imagebucket or Flickr. For Flickr you will however require a Yahoo! ID.

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    watchdog is a good idea. how can i get hold of them? (just about to google it)

    There will be a link on the BBC website

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    lol... can someone help? ^

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    Try this

    just been on it thanks. got to dash, be back on later to check what advice people give me. thanks for help up to now and thanks for any more help i might get.

    I had this happen to me at a car park but they dropped the fine when I sent them evidence that I had paid the appropriate parking just so happened that the ticket had fallen off the inside of the windscreen.

    It sounds very unreasonable to me if you have proof that you paid the parking fee..I would write to a senior official (with a photocopy of your photocopy) at whichever company deal with railway station parking at Slough.

    I posted this incident recently which is a similar case of 'mistaken identity'.
    Having hired a car from Hertz in Salisbury, the car was driven to Leeds (round trip of about 530 miles). Credit card was later billed 65.00 (30.00 fine and 35.00 'admin') for a parking ticket issued during the hire period in George St. The car was never parked in that street, and after some phone calls,it was established the issuing authority was the City of Edinburgh!! - (and it was George St edinburgh - not leeds!) We explained to hertz that with THEIR recorded milage we could not have made a journey to scotland. After establishing that the 2 'evidence' photos they had, showed that the reg. plate and reg. of the tax disc did not match, they eventually realised that their admin was c**p. Took about a month of wrangling but have been refunded 65.00 + 50.00 goodwill - so stick with it sounds like they have a very weak case - Like the #2 post said - ask for their proof

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    thanks for the replies up to now. i've sent my problem to watchdog, wonder if they'll respond to it.

    Let us know how you get on

    Sounds like you were parked in the Brunel car park, above the bus station?
    This is a council car park, and they issued the penalty ticket.
    Nothing to do with the railway car parks, who you bought the ticket for.

    The most confusing part is that the permit you bought says "Slough - All car parks" I dont know how many the railway station has? but I'd be surprised if that ticket is valid in all the other pay and display car parks in Slough other than the ones on railways land.

    Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but I think the ticket you had is not valid in the car park you were in.

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    exactly the case, but i just assumed that the car park being just a few meters away it would count as a "all car parks". and the lad who sold me the ticket didnt even think about telling me that.

    so your saying im doomed and iv got to pay the fine? i could have sworn that it was the only car park around as well. grrr....
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