Been given the run around with cashback!!!

    I bought the Mrs an engagement ring at the start of January this year. A pretty big purchase so the cashback on offer (12.5%) was an incentive for me to make the purchase from their website.

    When I made the purchase through it tracked and validated within a matter of days which was great!

    My problem is that I have still yet to receive a penny of the cashback and its still showing as only validated. Its almost 10 months now since I've made the purchase and both wepromiseto and h samuel are giving me the run around every time I contact them.

    What else can I do? I could really be doing with the cashback I was promised as its coming up to Christmas!



    16. You accept that in some cases there may be a delay or failure to credit Cashback Rewards to your Account due to a Participating Retailer's failure to provide information to Us. Whilst We shall use reasonable endeavours to recover Cashback Rewards for non-tracked transactions We shall have no responsibility or liability for such delay or failure.

    17. Whilst many Participating Retailers report cashback credits within a few days of an Approved Transaction being completed, some do not report them to Us until their returns period has expired. In the event that you completed an Approved Transaction in full compliance with all associated conditions and the Cashback Reward is not pending as a credit to your Account then in order to resolve it your only option is to open a ‘missing transaction’ support ticket on Our website as a result of which We will then attempt to make recovery from the Participating Retailer. However, We make no warranty or representation and offer no assurance or guarantee that the Cashback Reward will be credited to your account as a result. We cannot support ‘missing transaction’ support requests where the transaction occurred more than 90 days ago.

    18. Transactions that are marked with a pending status in your account are awaiting final confirmation from the retailer. This is an automatic process and there is little we can do to expedite the process. We will not accept support tickets on pending transactions until they have aged a minimum of 120 days and no older than 180 days.

    19. You are not entitled to a Cashback Reward in respect of Approved Transactions for which We do not receive the whole of the commission due from the Participating Retailer.

    The whole area very iffy.

    I've a transaction with Vodafone through Quidco. It tracked over 2 years ago and still hasn't paid out.
    Voda won't help as the contract for the cashback is between you and Quidco (or any cashback site).
    And Quidco say it's been passed to the merchant and that's all they can do.

    Moral, only use a cashback site if you can afford NOT to get it !!!!

    i had a simular thing happen with car insurance with quidco
    tracked no probs, validated no probs
    payment date kept changing every month to the next month
    after about 10 months contacted quidco
    and the problem was it was a £50 cashback
    and i never had bacs set up just paypal
    and the most can be paid out through paypal is £50
    so with a few other transactions around £1 or 2
    it was stopping me being paid out
    changed payment in quidco to bacs
    and was paid out within a month
    not saying you have the same problem, but worth a look

    cashback standards/consumer direct - 08454 04 05 06.

    Original Poster

    Babbabooey, the text you've copied and pasted has no signifigance to what Ive originally posted. In case I didn't make it clear my transaction successfully tracked and validated within a matter of days.

    Scoot, thanks for the helpful suggestion but I've checked and BACS is definately set up on my account.

    Steve1221, unfortunately I think im going through a similair experience to you. Either wepromiseto is lying to me about not receiving the cashback from h samuel (which i doubt they are) or H Samuel is refusing to pay the cashback on a perfectly legitimate transaction.

    Surely this must be illegal? I will try that number you've posted David thanks

    Original Poster

    Finally got this resolved. Cashback should be paid at the start of December.

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