Been offered a price for 2 GC games via gumtree - Burnout 2 Point of Impact and Super Smash Bros Meleea

Advertised on Gumtree a clearout I am having and mentioned my gamecube games...Someone emailed me asking what games I had, sent him the list and he said he wanted the games Burnout 2 Point of Impact and Super Smash Bros Meleea and has asked if I can post tohim. I said let me know his best price and I will get back to him....

He has offered £18 delivered for the two - are these games rare? Is this a good price for them?! Guy hasnt even asked about condition or anything? Say he can pay via paypal or BT - I guess if price is good then BT would be best option cos Paypal can be reversed?

Cheers for any advice!



Hmm I cant tell as on Ebay many are listed for £15-£20 for SSBM but one is going for £5 at minute with 10 hours left and £3 odd postage

Burnout 2 theres one cheap one and a few listed around £15 so maybe not too rare but I cant tell


Yeah maybe get more on Ebay

You might get more money but bear in mind you're going to have to pay ebay's fees as well as possibly paypal fees. Both were common games at the time although I realise that doesn't necessarily translate to the current market.


What Gamecube games are you getting rid of as i may be interested. Thanks

Just checked on CEX website and exhchange in for super smash is £13 and for burnout 2 is 3.

Yes, I'd like to know what GC games you have too. Perhaps you can get a better price on here for things and make a few people happy in the process!

Was going to reply to this last night, but my internet died just before I clicked Submit.

The prices you might expect on ebay (gauged from completed listings) would be £8 for Burnout 2 and £14 for Smash Bros, however you would loose about £3.40 in fees.
But you would also get postage on top.

So you might make a couple of quid more, but its not definite.

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Thanks for all the responses - was just confused as only expected guy to offer about £6-7 cos I thought the games would only go for a few quid each then postage on top but did wonder when he picked those two specific games if here was anything special about them!

Thanks for all replies

you from Aberdeen?
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