been offered a promotion and relocation

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Found 3rd Jul 2007
boss came today and offered us a promotion but it means leaving the quiet village life and going to city life.
the salary is better but not too sure on way of life.
living here has got exciting since a tv celeb has moved here so we r kinda in the limelight and have become friends
the childens school is good but facilities arent brilliant
in two minds
do we go up in this world face a new challenge or carry on a day to day basis?
thr house isn't as big or beautiflu as the one we live in now
and the childen have got loads of freinds too
very difficult choice


Money doesn't always bring happiness.

If you're happy were you live, The kids are settled and you're happy in your job, Then why move?

On the flipside, It could be seen as a new challenge in life, Something drastically different, If you can afford to try it and then go back then why not take the risk?

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ive always looked at new challenges and the start of the year was hoping for a move but now i feel quite content with our lifestyle
we do work long hours and going to the other place could mean longer hours
(they expect us to cut wages etc etc)
we keep a tight ship and always look at costs but the outlook for bonuses and more money does seem very tempting

how old are your kids? are they old enough to form a reasonable opinon?
If it was me I would turn it down. I don't think the quality of life for kids in a city is worth any amount of money.Also longer hours= less family time and thats not something that can be sacrificed IMHO. You don't get it back

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6 and 4

life i guess is a bit different our business will be on a busy road going from a 300 year old house to a 30 year old one.
at first they said they dont mind and when we mentioned about leaving friends they said no

things were pretty bleak at the turn of the year and things have gotten pretty exciting and a new lease of life has been put into the village with celebs in so its not all same same
but saying that things could be different next year
not too sure if this is once in a life time opportunity and grab it.
like i said the salary will be better and bonuses will be good too


It depends where you would be moving to. I personally would love to live somewhere a bit more remote for myself and my childrens sake.

From experience, really do you homework on the area where you are thinking of moving.

I was going to move a few weeks ago until I looked up the address on the internet, spoke to a few of the neighbours and went on a visit at night.

From my first two daytime visits where it seemed lovely and peaceful, after the above homework, I found out it was an area where I would not feel safe and everyone there wants out.

It sounds like you are happy enough where you are, I hope you dont end up stuck somewhere for any period of time where you are unhappy.

Your kids are young enough to adapt, wouldn't be happy about leaving thier friendsbut would get over it fairly quickly and make new ones.
For me I wouldn't consider it but everyone has different views. It could be what you need. one mans heaven is another mans hell remeber.

Could you move back if things didn't work out?

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well we r publicans so i dont think it'll be best to move back
its never the same i guess
our work is our lifestyle
we r going in the next few days to have a look at the area.
and see how it is


I've worked in a couple of busy pubs a long time ago. A city pub and its atmosphere is far different than a rural pub. It is not an environment I would like to bring my young children up in. But, as I said, it depends where it is.

Maybe if you say the area, somebody may have some more knowledge.

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well the place we've been offered is in bristol


Maybe start a new thread with Bristol in the title to see if you get more response.

Bristol is nice enough, Its got its ups and downs like everywhere else though.

Could you not move outside of Bristol?, Somewhere like Chippenham?

BristolDeal is the only bristol based HUkDer that springs to mind (must be the username lol) maybe PM him?

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no we live in the pub

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BristolDeal is the only bristol based HUkDer that springs to mind (must … BristolDeal is the only bristol based HUkDer that springs to mind (must be the username lol) maybe PM him?

he might show me the scene:whistling: :giggle: :w00t:


he might show me the scene:whistling: :giggle: :w00t:

or slap you for your cheek! :giggle:


no we live in the pub

Makes sense with the vouchers then!!!

The problem with most cities is the pubs are often a lot busier, Noisier, Depends what your aiming for though.

(And what with the smoking ban, I'd be worried a city pub would die on its arse, Whereas a country pub is normally a nice family sort of atmosphere, Roaring log fire and a nice quiet pint, So the smoking thing wouldn't affect as much.

(Of course you've probably have thought about this and what i've said is complete rubbish )

What sort of pub do you run?

Is it more of a family sort of place and then quizzes on a Saturday night, Karaoke etc?

who are the celebs ? I thought the beckhams were moving to California

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its a typical village pub with open log fires oak beamed ceilings etc etc
and yes we welcome families
no we dont do karaoke but serve excellent food and great beer


its a typical village pub with open log fires oak beamed ceilings etc … its a typical village pub with open log fires oak beamed ceilings etc etcand yes we welcome familiesno we dont do karaoke but serve excellent food and great beer

And are you good at what you do? (Ie pull in the punters?)

I personally wouldn't want to change from that!!

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i believe we r good at what we do.
we turned this place around and has got a good reputation
thats what our bosses would like us to do with the one in bristol.

it would be a totally different kettal of fish in the city though. On top of that do you want to start from scratch again?


Never have a quite life in a City pub. Even the best ones here where i am still get regular violence...........part and parcel of running a City pub.

My youngest is 9 and (due to my husbands jobs) has attended 3 schools already. He asked recently though, "Why do i only have friends for about 2 years?" As for the facilites - lets face it give a kid a big packing box, and they can play for hours - how many times have any of us witnessed the kids taking more pleasure with the Xmas packing rather than the contents?!
Iom made a very good point - a city pub will rely on a very different clientelle. Have you visited the area you are being offered the 'new' pub in? what facilties are available - have you contacted the 'local' police station to enquire if they have many call outs to that area (or even pub?) Have you any other Licencee contacts would have any other info about the new place? It sounds like in your heart you all want to stay where you are anyway. The pay increase will in no way make up for the extra hours you will be expected to put in and the knock on effect on your relationships and domestic life. I would say stay put - other jobs will come up in the future and you can re-assess then

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well we were only offered it to us today
they really want a quick decision so we will view the other one hopfully tomorrow
in my heart i'm split
the extra money does sound tempting but i am quite content with what we have now but maybe thats just the security (tryin to think of the word where you are comfortable but not complacent)
i dont think its a troublesome place
its a place where they need some passion and ideas put into it to start making money again


its a place where they need some passion and ideas put into it to start … its a place where they need some passion and ideas put into it to start making money again

IMHO it sounds like quite a risky move. Yes the kudos of maybe turning the place around, sounds like a challenge (not to undermind your current achievements:thumbsup: ) . BUT with kids to consider it changes the picture. There is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable - but it sounds like the move could be upsetting a very securely stacked apple cart.
PLUS...if the extra hours means your health could be affected and with the additional hours on what is no doubt an already very full day - what use is the extra money? You either won't have the time to spend it or the health to enjoy it.... :thinking:

is it ok if i'm a little blunt??
This is my opinon just before anyone does the nut.

After having a little think about the situation this evening I think you would be crazy to move.

You have 2 young kids to think about if you move they will see less of you and TBH all the money in the world isn't gonna mean Jack to them if they never see their parents. On top of that a city pub is hardly a place I would want my child living in esspecially when they are so young.

if it wasn't for the kids and you seriously thought you could do it (you have no reason to think otherwise you already have in your presant pub) then I would say go for it.
Young kids involved - No way!

hope I havn't caused offence

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thats what the missus thinks
we want somewhere where the kids can play
theyve got loads of friends here
if the children are bored they play in our huge garden
at the end of the day the children come first so we r going to have a look and see if its child friendly

Firstly, congratulations!

Secondly, Only you can decide what is best for you and your family.

I personally would stay put but thats my nature (and some say my star sign!-Cancer)

Its always difficult these things when children are involved. But, try and find a happy balance between your heart and your head.

Money isn't every thing, but it does help, where as sometimes it's too easy to take the safe route.

Sorry, to not be much help! But, I would be in the same quandry as you if I had that decision to make!

I'll be bluntish also, I wanted to make this comment before and didn't.

Basically I have no idea why you'd want to move, You seem happy, The kids are settled and have loads of friends, Why would you want to move?

Is it just the new challenge factor?

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I'll be bluntish also, I wanted to make this comment before and … I'll be bluntish also, I wanted to make this comment before and didn't.Basically I have no idea why you'd want to move, You seem happy, The kids are settled and have loads of friends, Why would you want to move?Is it just the new challenge factor?

i guess it is the challenge
we have been here nearly 3 years and every year we think its going to be hard and never beat last years figures
but we have done it every year so far but every year it gets more difficult and this year we are flying

sometimes we are left on out own due to staff shortages and holidays sicknesses but we just carry on
it is a burden sometimes when there is such an employment problem in a small village and could be easier to find staff in cities etc

with the tv star moving in aswell it has also brought a breath of fresh air and revitalisation into this place too

we are happy but it can be never ending too, one day rolling into the next etc etc

wow what a speech my 1000th post too

Why risk your future happiness for financial gain??...I have and fortunately have been lucky but that was not in the licensed trade which is a totally different animal to most professions....there are City pubs that are decent establshments with a mature customer base...whilst others are for the weekend binge drinkers and the inevitable hassle....just make sure you are moving for the right reasons and always put your family first...I don't need to tell you that your profession is littered with failed partnerships because of the pressures of the job and having to live and work together 24/ I wish you all the best but only move if you are convinced that it is for the right reasons.

It might be easier to find staff in cities, but will they be the right staff?
Could only find students, and they might all want certain times off. Students dont worry about losing a job, as its easy enough to walk into another bar job.

Remember, if you work longer hours, it will be harder hours working in a busier city pub.
You will be away from the kids longer, and the time spent together, you could be too tired to do anything.

Remember also, just on the business side, if its a failing pub, its not even hit the effects of the smoking ban yet, so it could get worse.
Know a few places here closed, and 1 guy i know the now is selling up.
Find out if its child friendly, but make sure its a safe bet going there and it is saveable.

If the only reason you want to move is for the challenge then I would set yourself a challenge that does not involve messing with a life you are contented with. Very few people are happy with their life the way it is so it perhaps suggests your probably where you should be?

If you've been increasing profits for the past few years why don't you negotiate a pay rise?
Tell your area manager you will achieve a certain target for a better pay rise or more money to pay staff so they are more likely to stay on freeing up time to spend with your family.
Kids grow up fast and you don't want to miss out on that. The time you spend with them now will make feel more secure when they are teenagers.

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the reason they would like us to go is probably work a little harder.
the wage percentage at the other place is pretty high so we r expecting to go there and decrease the wage percentage.
obviously the more more money we save the more money wwe may get in the ways of bonuses etc etc.
at the moment our place is very suitable for our children it has an open area for the children and they can play freely.
we don't know as yet what the other place will be like.
if its not suitable for the children(which plays the biggest factor really) then we will probably not take the offer.
we shall see what its like in the next few days depending on when we get time to visit

stay were you are at m8,,,,,,,,i used to run pubs in the late 90's and i was in a rural location ( sawbridgeworth ) which is were beckingham palace is,,,,,,,to the more livley city location of watford,,,,it ws good at the time,,,,,,,but now iam out of it,an doing something completly different,,,,,,iam constantly thinking back to those days of running a nice country pub,,,in a way i wished i hadnt made the move,,,not sure wat its like now running pubs been out of it for about 10 years

Cant really offer any advice that hasnt already been said, but I think that...

1. The kids are young enough to adapt, and at least they have each other, so if the area will be suitable for the kids (good schools etc) and the move will be a one-off, then go for it - the kids will be fine

2. Go to the area and ask people who live there what they think (don't be embarrassed, most people will be happy to tell you what they think)

3. Look at living costs in the area, compared with pay - will you have a similar life to the one you have now?

who's the celeb?

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