Been offered stock to buy

    Ive been offered the following to buy:

    Holographic Gift Bags - Bottle Size/Small/Large
    Insulating Travel Mugs
    Kids and Adults swimming goggles
    Magnetic L Plates
    3m Retractable Dog Lead
    Leather Dog Collars
    Cat Collars
    Splatter with Handle - some thing that sits on a pan and stops fat splattering everywhere lol
    Sports Bandages - Ankle and Calf ones

    Ive been asked to give this guy am buying from a price. The quality is pretty good on some of the products. Just wanted a heads up what you would pay for 1 of each roughly. Looked on the net but prices range a lot. Though id see what the general public on this forum would pay

    I hope this is allowed on the forum. Sorry if its not


    Is this all the bettaware ex stock that even they can't shift?

    Card factory sell all them bags for well under a £1 each
    mug if decent quality could be 2-3 quid same with L plates and even bandages (not bought any recently though) depends on the quality TBH
    (dont have a dog or cat so can't comment on that)

    :thinking:£1 each as i'm sure they sound like pound land type bits , the retractable dog lead maybe £3 if its not branded

    Sounds a bit like pound shop stuff?

    nuthin, all sounds ****

    Original Poster

    Yes thats fine thanks. The guide price ive been offered is well below a pound so i am hoping i can make a margin somehow but he wants me to make an offer around that guide price.

    You'd have to be getting them for next to nothing to make any profit,plus how long is it going to take to get them resold?

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    Am getting them for roughly 40p each and thats every item. The problem is where do i sell them. Thought about eBay but not to sure. They have a range of over 300 products so am just slowly going to buy a few sample stock to see what sells and what doesnt.

    The other idea was to do some sort of market stall. Not clear on which route i should take.

    Is this off Dave, Del Boy? Would ask Rodney what he thinks before going ahead with it, he is after all the brain of the family with his O level in art.

    To be honest i think you may get stuck with them.

    If your planning on selling online, then these are not the type of internet shopping most if not all do.

    If your selling on a bootsale, then people know about pound places so you would have to be selling much cheaper to get a buy.

    I ain't being a rude but the items sound a little cheapish.

    Ebay,no way!!! After fees you'd be out of pocket selling cheap stuff like that

    by the time you have paid ebay and paypal fees will it be worth it? and will people then pay £1 plus a few quid for postage :?

    Yeah, your looking at around 10p each at a car boot sale, and nothing online.

    Ask BG1. He's got stocks in steele

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    I havent brought anything yet. Might pass on it then lol

    Thanks all


    I havent brought anything yet. Might pass on it then lol

    Definately :thumbsup:


    I havent brought anything yet. Might pass on it then lol

    I wouldn't bring it if I were you, it's just going to end up sitting in your cupboard :thumbsup:

    If it could be sold at a profit easily then why doesn't the guy sell then himself?

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    No the guy is a wholesaler and has an importing business. I got his contact from a friend who buys his stock. Although my so called friend wouldnt tell me what he pays for his stock lol.

    The only way to get a profit out of that lot would be to sell them in bulk to some other mug and land them with the problem of trying to resell them individually :-D

    No offense intended but don't buy them

    stock? oxo or bovril?


    nuthin, all sounds ****

    + 1

    I think if you did a Market stall at a bootsale you would do better than what the others have said.

    I hold a lot of bootsales and go to a lot!
    Market stores often sell goods at £1 each but you could do a 80p stall. Get the cheap ikea trays to display everything seperately. £7 for the stall rent at bootsale (average price) Buy in bulk and demand 10%-15% less than asking price. Will probably take you a month or so to start making profit but after that you should make a sustainable profit. Idea is to find 2 boot sales 1 in morning and 1 in afternoon. Get there early for a good plot. If you have a Gazebo even better as you will look more profestional then. HTH
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