Been pranked all morning anything i can do?

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Found 24th Feb 2010
Hiya, ive been being pranked on my mobile all morning it literally rings for a few seconds then they hang up. Ive rang virgin and aparently its a call from somelia (sp) I have no idea who it is i have googled the number just wondering if anyone knows how i can block this or why it would be happening? It started at just after 6am yawwwwnnn!!

The number is +25215285429

I rarely give my mob no out, only places i have recently is on a credit card aplication and a car phone warehouse phone contract

Thanks in advance


Did Virgin not offer any advice about being able to block if it continues.

Can you set certain ringtones to certain numbers on your phone, if so set it to no ringtone. You will still recieve the calls but at least it won't wake / bother you.

virgin should have asked if you wanted to block the number, I think they can do that.....if not then does your phone have a block number facility? When I go on my call list (calles recieved, made missed) it has an option to add a number to reject list.....have a look on your phone

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no she didnt unfortunatly, she said "maybe its member of family or friends" :thinking::? i also looked for a blocking facilty on phone but dont think i have one but will get partner to look when he gets in, its a classic nokia 6330 i think :oops: they havent rang for about a hr now so im hoping it may stop its just really annoying, i wondered if its maybe a scam where they think ill return the call then charge me but that could just be me being paranoid lol

Thank you for your comments

the pirates are after you


put it to answer mail for the day, they will get charged every time, they will soon give up

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:pirate::cry: nooooooooo!!!

252 is the calling code for Somalia

Turn the phone off?


and a car phone warehouse phone contract

Guilty as charged m'lud!

A mate bought a new phone from a CW store and they changed the sim over 'behind the counter'.

Every contact on the sim that I know received a 'courtesy' call from CW saying my mate had given them our numbers as we wanted a new contract! My mate did no such thing so CW obviously scanned the SIM!

Underhand or what!

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we actually got turned down for the contract, so they never touched my phone or sim etc but they did have my number for the credit check so i guess it could be them!!

I went through a stage of getting called by a somali number, drove me nuts, calling at all times, whenever I caught the call and answered, they just hung up. Eventually, after a month or so they stopped calling. I'm none the wiser as to why they were calling.
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