Been ripped off by a company?

    Hi. I'm doing a paper on organisations that are guilty of disception in terms of pricing/ promotion/ packaging. Have you bought anything thinking the value would be higher than it actually was? Were you disappointed with a product? I'd like to hear from you so please reply.


    God this will get a mile long if unchecked. Search "misprice" and look at the hundreds and hundreds of complaints there.

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    Yeah I'm happy for mods to lock this after a couple of days. Don't want a thread jamming up the forum. I'm aware of the misprice problem, I myself tried to get the Friends box set, but I'm equally interested in:

    - Adverts making the customer feel as if they are getting significantly less than they actually are
    - Packaging misleading the consumer

    I hate ordering "In Stock" items that are not actually in stock !!

    Or the old one is ordering a mis-priced product, so you get it very cheaply, then they email you saying that they can;t get anymore from suppliers & have cancelled your order (all lies of course !)

    I think the OP is looking for examples of deliberate deception, whichever side of the law it may rest on, rather than genuine error on the part of the seller.

    Some examples you may wish to look at:

    1. MFI - the best and the original - when do they ever not have a sale on?
    2. Strawberries - why are they always marked 1/2 price at a supermarket? Has anyone ever paid full price for them?
    3. Woolworths - do a search of my previous posts for examples.

    I'm not suggesting any of these stores is doing anything illegal in the letter of the law, but offering goods at 1 or 2 unpopular outlets for a short while at exorbitant prices so that they can offer them at a claimed substantial discount nationwide is certainly misleading.


    I think the OP is looking for examples of deliberate deception,

    I can't believe this goes on, you must be joking :whistling:

    I was thinking of starting a similar thread to sort some of these companies out, once and for all.
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