Been ripped off by using a credit card to pay at a payphone abroad, any advice please?

    Hi guys,

    I went on holiday to Austria for a week recently, and I thought that I would pay for my calls home from the payphone via credit card instead of buying a phone card, as I never use all the minutes on the phone card. I made 5 calls all together, 3 of them I just ended up leaving an answerphone mesage for and the other 2 calls were pretty short. I have just seen my credit card bill and each call has cost me £20+!! Does anyone know of any way that I can check this with anyone? In effect I have been charged £120 to make 5 very quick calls.

    Rep will be added for any helpful suggestions.


    you have probably not only been charged for the phone call but also for using ur credit card abroad i know i got charged by barclays for using my credit card abroad which come to more than the thing i purchased

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    Thanks, I am thinking of doing that chargeback thing but I have seen that it would charge me to get it done so I'm unsure. :roll:


    There was probably a sign saying minimum call charge of £20 in the box for credi card so I doubt your CC company can do anything.
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