been scammed

    my brother bought a psp from the for sale forum, it hasnt turned up, and had no reply from the seller. he paid via paypal gift. hes tried to open a paypal dispute but he cant. is there anything he can do?


    Via PP Gift, I don't think so.

    He did get their phone number / contact details?

    Is he on a different account your brother? Seems a bit odd that you'd get a relative to ask the question?


    Thread link please...

    or was it done via PM?


    Via PP Gift, I don't think so.He did get their phone number / contact … Via PP Gift, I don't think so.He did get their phone number / contact details?

    Question mark would've been more adventurous after 'Gift'.

    I doubt if you haven't got the above details, you ain't getting it.

    When did you order?

    Was it the £35 PSP?

    Original Poster Banned

    im not sure what thread it was. ill see him later. he cant get on here due to changing broadband providers, so he phoned me to see if i could ask. he got a mobile number, and a address.


    Thread locked. Can I please ask that your brother get in touch with us & report the matter by using the button at the bottom of the main HUKD pages. If he could also supply as much information as possible including all relevant links we can then investigate further. Thank you.

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