Been to Las Vegas? - Any hints/tips/do's/don'ts please?


    My 'lovely' wife has just come in and said "I'm taking you to Vegas for your 40th". She is even paying (when I say paying, what I really mean is that I will eventually pay in some shape or form and probably have been doing ever since we met so change paying to organising) :-)

    How lucky am I? My first time to Vegas

    We're staying @ the Mandalay Bay Resort for 4 nights. Is it a nice place does anyone know?

    For the many of you who have been would you mind spending a moment explaining how to get the best out of the place in a few days, like:

    Is it worth going to Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam during such a short stay?

    Best places to eat/drink/shop/party plus which shows/other hotels/casinos to take in.

    Anything else you just HAVE to do/buy whilst you're out there.

    Many thanks in anticipation. Can't bloody wait!


    buy the Loney Planet book for Las Vegas, all you need really.

    You need to make sure your passport is a valid, machine readable one or e-passport with an electronic chip

    More here…tml

    IF you have any sort of criminal record (I am sure you haven't) you may need to apply for a visa.

    Also, everyone has to fill out this form BEFORE they travel. If you dont you can be held up at the airpirt.…tml

    Put your betting money in one pocket and your ale money in another

    A mate of mine went a few years ago and did a helicopter flight over the grand canyon and said it was the best thing he did and should not be missed ... :thumbsup:

    Get the buffet at the Bellagio hotel and check out the fountains outside. I would also recommend a helicopter flight over the grand canyon, you won't regret it.

    Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

    3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89119
    Property Type: Resort
    Hotel featuring an assortment of amenities, sports facilities and leisure activities.
    43-story hotel with 11 acre tropical water environment and lush foliage - South end of Strip, connected to Mandalay Bay Conv Ctr.

    Hotel has 4 stars... looks lovely hon...

    More info here…tml

    Including traveller reviews and photos taken by guests themselves.

    Looks great to me, have a lovely time xx

    We went to Vegas in August and stayed at teh Mandalay Bay - lovely hotel! Insist you stay up as high as possible, our first night they only had a low down room available and I could hear the noise from the club - we arrived very late though 2am ish I think...

    Mandalay Bays buffet is excellent think it was about $18 for brekkie which you just couldnt have asked for more choice over. If you get in the restaurant early you get the best seats right at the back with views out towards the huge fake beach pool area.

    Helicopter to Grand Canyon is pricey but amazing experience.

    The walkway upto the Luxor and Excalibur is handy if you go when its warm and you come out right next to MGM and New York New York hotels (and the M&M shop lol).
    Just along the road from here you find TixTonight (think that was teh name) where you'll get any cheap show tickets (we saw Mamma Mia, Cirque du Soleil - Hummanity and Phantom).

    You'll love it! Make teh most of the free drinks in casinos by playing cheapo slots until the waitress turns up :thumbsup:

    Been to Vegas twice now and love it. Defiantly worth doing the Grand canyon. We went with Papillon and did the ]grand celebration tour. Pricy but well worth every penny. I'd also recommend ]Ka at the MGM grand, absolutely mind blowing. Could also be worth going to ]Freemont street one night too. Four days isn't enough to fit in all Vegas has to offer so don't even try. Just book to go back again!

    ive been a couple off times. the first time was only for a few nights, 3 i think. it didnt seem enough so we went back the following year for a week. i expect there is more to see there now. they were building a tram line linking the hotels.

    one thing that we done that sttod out for me was to hire a limo and asked the driver to take us up and down the strip. it was only $40 and we got to see how the strip looked at night.

    found it really safe to walk about at night. so much to see and do. we went and had a look arround all the hotels as they were so nice. each hotel as a theme. eg circus acts in the circus hotel.

    as for shoppong there were shops up and down the srip, but at the end there was a mall. i cant remeber the name but you will no doubt see it on a map.

    the only trip we done was the hoover dam, which was the cheapest.

    food was good, lots off buffets in the hotels.

    have a great time....


    black gerbil1;4574837

    buy the Loney Planet book for Las Vegas, all you need really.

    Good call if you're on a tight budget and back packing.

    OP - asking about the Grand Canyon - its something you would really regret if you didnt. As you say, its a very long drive from LV, so if time is tight, the best way is via one of the many tour operators and flying from LV to the small airstrip near the south rim. The sheer scale of the canyon is mind numbing. Standing at the edge, its 1 mile down and about 16 miles to the other side. Awesome is the best word to describe. Make sure you do a trip that lands (ie dont just do a fly past.)

    Las Vegas itself is surreal. There's plenty to do there, though obviously gaming is its real purpose. Set limits if your going to have a flutter and dont go chasing any loses. I actually came away up, but then it wasn't much and I aint a gambler.

    We went to Vegas for the last part of our honeymoon & it was fantastic! We stayed in the MGM Grand & if you like Sushi then I suggest the restraunt in there & make sure you do the Saki tasting too!!

    We didn't really go far as we did New York the week before so we were knackered but make sure you see a show!

    Have loads of fun - I'm sure you will!!!!

    While the Mandalay Bay is a nice hotel, bear in mind it is at the end of the strip, so you will spend a lot of time going to/from it in the mornings/evening etc.... much better to stay centre strip somewhere right in the action... The place is deceptively big, just because a hotel is next to each other they are still quite a distance.

    I'm going to back to Vegas in a week, yay. Haven't been in 3 years so it will have changed a fair bit. Can't wait.

    Hi, I went in November to Vegas and its such a crazy place. We found the food quite expensive due to the weak currency exchange.

    Try looking at prices for the Grand Canyon before you go, rough estimates were around £280 for a helicopter ride and short time actually in the canyon, it was too expensive so we didn't bother but perhaps a bit of a mistake looking back.

    Plenty of shows to see, Jubilee at Bally's hotel was amazing. You can get cheap tickets if you shop around and plenty of money off coupons floating around to use.

    You are at the end of the strip so expect to do quite a bit of walking but there is so much to see you'll love it.

    The Bellagio is beautiful inside and the fountains outside are truly magical, think they are on every hour from midday.

    Lots of designer shops such as Gucci, Chanel etc, but if you go to the outlet centre or the fashion mall there are a few bargains to be had.

    Hope you have a wonderful time, it's an amazing place xx

    Lucky you, I really hope you enjoy it:thumbsup:
    Went there on honeymoon a couple of years ago and had a fantastic time.
    We stayed in the Luxor hotel (Egypt theme - pyramid) which is next to madalay bay at the south of the strip.
    A monorail runs between the madalay, luxor and the exalibur and then another goes from the MGM grand to further up the strip if walking is a problem.
    In the day there is alot of shopping if you desire. But just remember if you are going in their summer, be careful as las vegas is in the desert, so can get awfully hot.
    Personally, I would recommend the Grand Canyon experience. It is absolutely breathtaking and is well worth the money, and tbh a chance in a lifetime. So enjoy.
    At night, the place comes alive, with shows galore (You will probably be offered to buy tickets for these by your holiday rep).
    Also as mentioned by other posters, the bellagio water fountains. This is a show set outside the hotel, a water display set to music and is absolutely beautiful. Shows are about every half an hour or so and worth the time and are free.
    Anyway, I hope this helps and have wonderful 40th:)

    Original Poster

    Thank you to everyone who has left advice.

    It is very much appreciated and it sounds like my wife and I are going to have a wonderful time in Vegas.

    Please keep it coming!!

    The grand canyon tour although rather expensive, is pretty awesome
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