Been to Turkey (Gulluk/ Bodrum) Recently? Car Hire, Taxi, Touristy Stuff etc.. Any advice welcome!

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Found 22nd Jun 2010
Im travelling as part of a group of 7 with a few bags of luggage and a mobility scooter!

Was wondering if anyone knows how much a taxi would charge to get from Milas airport to Gulluk about 15mins away? I read that we could take a bus from the highway, but it's unpractical as we have two very young children and a disabled person travelling with us.

We are debating about whether we should take a (couple of) taxis from the airport to the villa in Gulluk or just rent a minivan for the day- but im not sure whether if we DO take the minivan, how do we return it? Minivan is about £50 per day, not including petrol. No idea how much a taxi costs :(..anyway, about the hirecar- does the car firm guy come collect it from the villa when we are done with it?

Called a few Turkey companies asking abour hirecars and taxi transfers etc but people on the other end struggled to speak in English, and ask me to write to them instead. Written quite a few emails to which I haven't received a single reply.

Any ideas of the cost of an airport taxi? - do they have minivans or just cars?

Anyways, hints and tips most welcome. Like the best beaches etc... Rep owed to all who contribute.


Renting sounds like a good idea, but the price of fuel there is one of the highest in the world, even though it's near to countries with vast oil supplies.

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yeah, i read it's about 1.50p/g or sommat..

may even just take dolmus when out and about


yeah, i read it's about 1.50p/g or sommat..may even just take dolmus when … yeah, i read it's about 1.50p/g or sommat..may even just take dolmus when out and about

A Dolmus is great for getting around, but i don't think it would be good with a disabled person, as there isn't much room inside one and it's usually a quick on/quick off service.
If you are not too tied down though, you should try it.
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