Been travelling and need help with photos!

    Hi hope someone can help me!

    I've just spent the past month travelling 'round Europe, now that i'm back I need to find a website where i can upload all my photos for my friends to see. About 6gb worth of photos!

    Does anyone know of a good cheapish way?

    Thank you!



    6gb! You might want to reduce the resolution of them before uploading them.

    Original Poster

    I was thinking that, but im gonna need like 16 albums for it... one for each place! Just thought i'd try something different!

    Thanks tho, might end up doing that!

    I use this after holidays and resize everything in dir…ize

    a bit complicated to look at but easy once you know how


    Depends on several things!

    Do you want then to be able to see them... or download the full size image too?

    I'd always recommend using Menalto Gallery as its easy to use and maintain. Hosting though will depend on whether you want it to be permanant or just for up to a year. (As this will make a diffeenc eon who I'd suggest offers the better deal.

    @LiGhTfasT: That looks really useful. Rep added
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