Been with Sky 15 years, how can I get Sky HD at no extra cost?

Afternoon Guys,

Ok, my parents have been with sky for over 15 years (although they see not as 10 as thats when everyones accounts migrated over to a digital package). Sky have never been proactive and offered my parents a better deal or to upgrade their box. My parents now have two HD TVs but one standard sky box (Coaxial cable in the 2nd TV from the sky box, analogue signal). They currently pay £23.99 for UK Living, History Channels, Documentaries, News, etc... They do not have Sports, Movies, Cartoons, etc... as they just dont use them.

I rang sky to see if they could get a better deal, ideally i wanted to get them a HD box (or 2) at no extra cost, but Sky wanted to charge £50 for the box and then up the subscription to £30 on the same package.

They said this was THE BEST deal they could do. Ive read on MoneySaviginExpert to state I wish to cancel and then I may get a better offer but my mum would be pretty angry if I cut it off on her behalf.

The girl at Sky seemed to put me in a predicament of what offers have you seen, well beat it but there arent any good ones out at the moment and loyalty seems to count for nothing.

Can anyone advise how I may get them Sky HD at no extra cost?




You will probably get 1 HD box free if you threaten to cancel but you are still going to be left paying the £10 per month HD subscription. No way around that I'm afraid.

Also, you'd probably have to have your mum/dad (ie the account holder) with you at the time if you go down the threaten to cancel road. Otherwise, they'll just say you're not authorised to cancel the account.

And as above, there's no chance you'll get better than £30 pm including the HD pack. It's £9.75 pm for the HD pack on top of your channels. Might seem steep but it's the way it is. Threatening to cancel might get you a free HD box and/or money off for a 6 month period.

If you're only spending £23.99 a month with them I doubt very much they'd offer you a 'good deal' and as the post above says the HD is an extra £10 a month thus you'll be looking at £30p/m.

My uncle recently upgraded to SKY+HD having been a long term customer for many years much like your parents have been, but he is on the full sports/movies etc package spending around £47 a month on it. They gave him free installation and the box/ new dish for free I believe (but don't quote me on that) and obviously paying £10 more a month for the HD subscription

They best you can hope for is a better deal on the Box you're after if you try there retentions department.
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