Posted 17th Jul 2021
Hey guys,

So last night my freezer was beeping and had a red warning light on. I pressed it to stop the beeping, the red light continued, but inside felt cold enough.

Came home today to find it beeping again around 6pm. Again red light flashing.

It's a zanussi frost free freezer.

I just had a look inside, the fan at the top is still running, no ice at the back, there was a lump at the bottom but I chipped that out in one lump.

Inside is still frozen but probably not as cold as usual.

Pulled it out and had a look at the back, not sued what I was expecting but nothing looked untoward, or even possible to adjust.


Wasn't much help either. Any advice guys? Oh and I tried the IT trick of turning on and off again :0

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