Beer: 3 crates for £20

    I went to Tesco today and found that their 3 crates for £20 deal had gone.

    This is bad news as I was looking to buy about 12-15 crates for a party.

    Does anyone know where I can get this deal at the moment? (Must be within a few days!)



    [SIZE="3"]as far as i was aware this deal wasnt at Tesco it was only at Asda wasnt it?? Deffo at Asda coz i bought 3 the other day!

    Hope this helps x[/SIZE]

    I was in tesco today and they had kronenberg 300ml x 18 for £7.74 not far of 3 for £20

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    Tesco had it on defo, asda did but now it has finished.

    I know Tesco was doing the kronenbourg deal, but I was looking for Stella / Fosters.

    If anyone else knows anywhere it would be helpful.


    oo sorry, im not sure then? how about morrisons or sainsbury's? are you sure its finished at Asda?

    the only other deal i know is £11.99 for a crate of stella in Bargain Booze
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