Beer Advert *have you seen it ?*

    Go so i was watching TV the other day and saw a beer advert, I cant remember what beer it was but i think it might of been either Becks or Stella. They were advertising new imited edtion lables on the bottles, there was 4-5 different designs,.... I work in Asda and have asked our BWS colleage and they no nothing... have looked on the 2 beer companys website but nothing there too... So has anyone else seen this advert that could help.


    I saw the advert but sorry cant help...maybe its pubs and clubs?

    It's becks

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    remember what beer it was ?!


    def. becks

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    cheers guys and girls for the help, found what i needed to know now
    p.s designs are **** lol ! but still going to get these
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