Beer & Cider

    needs to be in a local shop, wondered if anyone knew about any great deals? i went around ********** today, noted down their offers and price (most were only £2 off)

    yeah anyway, preferably stuff like carlsberg, strongbow, fosters stuff like that (non of that xxxx rubbish). Im guessing i need 2x24 440ml of beer and 24 x 440ml of cider.

    the cheaper it is the more i can get :whistling:


    When you say "local shop" does that rule out supermarkets?

    Original Poster

    no it doesn't. it means shops such as waitrose, tescos, the local etc.

    shops that are not in my area : morrissons, asda and m&s

    what does BOGOF mean btw?

    thanks for the link currychops, really good.


    what does BOGOF mean btw?

    Buy One, Get One Free

    I got 8 cans of 'Gold Lager' brewed in Holland for £5 quid from my local newsagent - I considered that pretty good lol
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