Found 17th Jun 2009
Morning all,

Apologies if this is the wrong section.

I am wondering whether any of you fine folks will be able to help me with getting our festival supplies all sorted. I have been told that Costco is really good for lower priced booze, but other folks told me that for beers, it's not so good, especially after time and petrol etc.
The short of it is, I am wondering if anybody knows of any good deals for festival shannanigans!?

Thank you's!
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I generally find that the supermarket "2 for £16" etc are better than at costco.

Certain things are good - DH gets his ale from Costco - 12 massive bottles for £12 I think it was, Badger Ale. Never heard of it before, but saw it yesterday and snapped it up. Normally he'll have the WytchCraft stuff.. or something like that, but it's all decently priced. Depends on what you want.

If you are close enough anyway, have a quick look online at current supermarket deals, and pop along and have a see, compare what's best.
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