Beerwulf Blade beer machine

Posted 29th Apr
Hi, has anyone got/ used one of the Beerwulf Blade beer machines? I've been looking at them on and off. They have now sold out on the beerwulf site but I have found a better price on…tml as it comes with 4 kegs instead of two, and also 24 beer glasses and it's £100 cheaper.

Was originally looking at the beer sub from beerwulf.

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Are these actually aimed at the home market?! I struggle to see why any home user would want or need 24 pint glasses!

Poor choice of beers too which is a deal breaker for me
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Yes I've got one.

They were designed to be used in small restaurants instead of the full set ups.

That deal on the Blade site is as good as it's been.
There is a deal for 6 x 8L Heineken for £125 ( if not sold out ) on the Blade site too. Although there is a few week delay as they've sold loads during this lockdown.

A very well built machine, I love mine. Not a lot of choice yet but there are plans for new beers.

There's a group on facebook

The Blade Beer Owners Group.
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