Beggar, I've only gone and ordered 2 laptops..... which one shall I keep??

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Basically I need someone to make a decision for me...

I have (accidentally if the wife asks) ordered 2 x Dell laptops and am unsure which one to cancel / keep.

Laptop 1

Dell Inspiron 15 7567 (Refurbished from Dell Outlet)

120gb SSD
1TB Mechanical drive
NVidia 1050 graphics (4gb)
Backlit keyboard
a big old battery!

Laptop 2

Dell Inspiron 15 5570 (Brand new direct from Dell)

16gb RAM
256gb SSD
2TB mechanical drive
Radeon 230 graphics (4gb)
No backlit keyboard
a normal sized battery!

After discounts / cashback both laptops will cost around the £700 mark (within £15 of each other).

The main usage will be general computing and occasional gaming (probably older titles CS-Go & LFD2).

My question is which one to keep - VFM / Bang for buck is probably my biggest concern (I love a bargain).

Planning to keep this laptop for a few years.

Any advice appreciated!

I used to be indecisive but now I'm not sure......(the old ones are the best).
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Definitely 2nd Laptop With i7 8550U If you need more battery life/ fast storage. On the other hand if you are playing games 1st Laptop is better but I don’t expect good battery life due to 45w cpu.
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Tough call but IF you are going to be playing games, Laptop 1 has a better card but is a slightly older CPU though it does benchmark alot better than the newer one:…064

Though laptop one also has less storage. Depends on your needs overall.
Older one is better for gaming and has a back-lit keyboard (useful if you use the laptop a lot in the evening).
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Cheers chaps, the 7567 is in the lead at the moment!
I'd opt for the first one too, not much difference processor wise in reality.
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