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    My Nanna has just been getting herself a Laptop, and as expected she's pretty clueless on it! I've been teaching her basic things but in her old age she generally just forgets them pretty quick.
    I'm trying to put together a folder of basic how-to guides for various programs.
    Is there any websites that would be relevent to this? I've tried searching on Google but can't seem to find exactly what i want.

    The main programs she is using is Windows Live Mail, Messenger, and Firefox.

    What I'm after preferably is PDF guides with screenshots. I was thinking of making my own but I just simply don't have the time.

    I need them to show the very basic things like creating an email, sending an IM, bookmarking a page ect ect.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Thank you so much

    I was also going to say there are loads of "Computing for Seniors" type books around.

    See Amazon (as said above) - search for "Computing Seniors"

    Here is another book (Windows 7 version)…8-2

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    I was thinking of getting one of these but I can imagine they will refer to different programs to what she is using. IE over Firefox, Outlook over WL Mail, ect.
    I'd also prefer to make a folder so I can add stuff to it. She'll eventually want to learn to use Spotify and iTunes ect.

    get her on Facebook !!
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