Beige Boiler Suit - HELP !!!

Found 16th Sep 2010

After your help ... I am trying to get hold of a L / XL Beige Boiler Suit for a fancy dress outfit (I have been roped into !!!) - however, I cannot seem to find one anywhere !?!??!

I don't want to pay a fortune for one as will only wear it for this 'event' ... I know at worst I could get a white one and dye it but would prefer not to go to through the hassle of that :-)

Any ideas / thoughts ?
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MiscBoilerMen's Suit
are you going as a ghostbuster?
Afraid so !!
Get a white one and dip it in a bath of weak tea????
Use a basic while painters one and say your a Ghostbusters intern. Only get £40 a week but you get on site experience.

But as others have said, best bet would be diy with some dye.

Get a white one and dip it in a bath of weak tea????

I think that's the best option, if you check ebay they're all £20-£25+ if you google them though sometimes they wear blacky/grey ones + throw a ghostbuster tee under, saw them @ Play.
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