Being a godparent and buying a appropriate gift

Found 6th Mar 2010
Ok,so I have been asked by a mate to be godparent to her daughter.....there will be no christening but there is a bit of a celebration do....What sort of gift should I buy for the lucky child,budget about £100,my experience of kids is limited.

Nothing tacky or huggie/kissie either please

No hate in this thread please,serious subject

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Perhaps 100 pounds in a trust account or something?
why not set up a savings account for the child & get a silver money box

Perhaps 100 pounds in a trust account or something?

Thats what I would suggest also - its sensible too with no huggie kissy stuff going on!
premium bonds, imagine winning!!!
some ideas here:

I remember someone at work got their god child a set of coins (for the year of the birth of the child). Theyre not cheap but they are supposed to rise in value. Not sure how much they cost though
ive just had my daughter christened and most people gave me cash or next vouchers, so ive opened a savings account and put all her money in. i think a savings account would be best but it would have to be in your name unless you can get the childs birth certificate as they needed that when i opened my daughters.

]What about a book :thumbsup:

Thanks but neither I or my friends are nutters

Think I will just do the account thing,vouchers will just get spent straight away

Cheers to all
i would go with either a £100 savings bond in a long term account or a £100 premiuim bond (which has to be in a holders name till child is 16
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