being a keeper at a zoo experience....

    I found one a while ago (im sure i found it thru tesco clubcards) that was £75 to feed ring tailed lemurs then £25pp after that Im desperate to find out which zoo it was at pleeeaaasssssee help ive looked everywhere!!!


    I seen it yesterday it was £100....just gtetting a link...

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    not sure, but think chester zoo ran something like this a few years back, don't know if they still do


    I think a cereal was doing win a day as a zoo keeper last year.

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    i dont think that was the exact one i was looking at but its perfect cos im going on holiday to the lakes!!! thanku so much have some rep on me

    Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshie

    Flamingo land run a scheme where visitors can become a zookeeper for the day.

    I'm looking for something similar for my mum as it's on her "bucket list" lol.
    She is disabled so cant do the zoo keeper thing but she just wants to feed the animals by hand.

    Don't know if it's any good but i found this but seems expensive
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