Posted 28th Apr 2015
My daughter is looking in to getting her first car - just passed her test. She has asked me to be a named driver on her insurance to get a lower premium. I've had a look and it would knock off £117 a year for her. I have insurance with my own car (with a different company). I don't know if I ever will actually drive her car during the year anyway, but just a bit concerned if she is driving and she is at fault for something. Being a named driver (even though I probably won't drive her car), if something happens and she is at fault and legal action is taken against her on a claim, am I responsible for any cost as well, and would it affect my no claims discount on my own car insurance (with another company). If something were to happen (daughter's faulty), on my insurance renewal for next year, would I have to declare that an accident occurred whilst I was a named driver on my daughter's policy (and would it then affect my own no claims bonus)? Thank you.
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