Posted 4th Jun 2010
Ok i really hope i dont get in trouble for this and i am not going to disclose anything about my business.

I wanted to know, what can i do to offer HUKD members offers that we have on our site. I didnt feel it was right to put a deal up we have that would appeal to some members but i had a member from HUKD find my site and ask me if they could put it up on HUKD. I told them not to as i didnt want to get banned as i love this site for my own personal use.

I did send a message to HUKD through the contact us button but havent heard for a while now.

Also if this is not allowed at all on the forum, please do lock it and i wont post it up again. Sorry its just that i hadnt had a response when i contacted hukd a while ago so thought id post up

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