Being made redundant.

    I am being made redundant from my current role as a Service Desk Team Leader. I am wondering if there is anyone on here from the Dorset area that is aware of anyone recruiting for like positions?

    I work in IT Support 1st, and 2nd line mainly. I have a background of IT support for over 10 years now. I currently work in a Team Leader capacity and am happy to pursue this also.

    If anyone knows of anything going I would be grateful for a PM.

    Thank you.


    is hampshire too far to travel?

    Have a look on for anything available...

    Im in IT Support too and at risk at the moment.
    The company we provide IT Support to are Insourcing, so I will be employed by them, but what they then decide to do...I've no idea!


    Good luck :thumbsup:

    search for jobs in dorset

    [url][/url] - council jobs.

    good luck

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    is hampshire too far to travel?

    Depends on the hours and travel time really as I have child care commitments. I can be flexible though as I have support from the family.


    whatever you do, get registered for JSA online NOW! Takes weeks to pay sometimes and who knows how long you may be out of work

    what company is it you currently work for (if you can say!)

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    what company is it you currently work for (if you can say!)

    lets just say that it's a lovely insurance company on a roundabout in Bournemouth. As you are from Dorset I am hoping you will know the one I mean.

    sorry to hear it :-(
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