Posted 7th Mar 2016Available: National
Hoping someone on here is more in the know about this than me!

I'm a support worker for a severely disabled man (his condition means he can move his forefinger and thumbs, but cannot move is any other way), I'm employed by a private care company, he has 24 hour care compromised of a 12 hour day shift (which I do) , and a 12 hour waking night shift.

He is going on holiday to France for a week in April, and obviously needs carers to go with him, one of which is me and a colleague of mine who will do the night shifts whilst there.

I'm wondering whether my colleague and I should be paid for 24 hours a day, as we are away from home and residing in a place of work 24/7.

On my clients previous holidays, the carers that accompanied him have been paid for 24 hours each day, but this time I'm being told that we will only be paid for 12 hours each day.

Anyone able to shed some light on legislation regarding this?
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