BEKO 32WLK530HID Silver 32 inch LCD TV [graded stock] - £100

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Found 5th Nov 2007
Think its time for a poll........

Scam or Real....

Will we get the units.....



I think you have been had... I don't think you will lose money however

But then I haven't read the thread fully. I did here some people were 'told they were in the first batch, etc'

I would just think they might cancel all orders. It's what HUKD is all about though, so good luck...

For £100, I'll take all the stock they have and sell them at the car boot sale.

I will now put money on the fact that it's a scam.

Anyone want to place a bet for... hmm... £100?

Just read the 1st page of the thread, sounds like a scam to me.
How anyone read the 1st page and still ordered is beyond me.

Come on, a 32" LCD TV for £100, yea whatever. A Paypal dispute would be a good idea at this time, in my opinion.
Does anybody really think this 'Company' can get 'hold' of at least 2,000 graded TV's?


Sorry to all who went through with it but i think you've been had. I saw the deal when it was posted and walked away straight away.

i missed this earlier but just had a quick look, did people actually think they would get a 32 inch tv for £100

just read the whole thread... nightmare. The person that phoned up and pretended they had ordered says it all. It's a scam
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