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Beko brand - good or bad?

Posted 1st Sep 2014
Morning All,

Beko brand - is it good? Seems well priced, the specs of products look good, but will it last?
Is it like a Kia - well priced but actually good product?
Or would you not touch it with a barging pole?
I'm looking at dishwasher and large fridge freezer products.

Thank you in advance!
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as good as anything else in the same price bracket
I have a Beko washing machine and no complaints here!

I have a Beko washing machine and no complaints here!

how long have you had it for please?
got a beko oven,it was the best priced,looks good and easy to install and operate.
I had a Beko stand alone oven it its still working after 7 years, keep it clean and maintained and they'll last a long time

how long have you had it for please?

Not that long, about a year but it does do several loads a day, so it has rather a hard life!
Had a beko washing machine yrs ago. It's the only one to not break on me. I have a beko fridge freezer at the mo. Had it a few yrs. just had a digital thermostat replaced. But compared to my hot point appliances I have. Beko were worth every penny.
My friends Beko washing machine broke after about 18 months (I diagnosed it to be system board but she didn't want to risk £80 for new one in case it wasn't)

She got another from Very about a 18 months ago with 5 year parts and labour warranty for abut £280. Works well - fast and quiet.
My first knowledge of Beko was when my brother bought a 32" crt tv from the co-op and that broke after little more than a year, parents had a freeze which had terribly designed drawers, plus the fronts went incredibly brittle when cold (so not that great for a freezer), that died a few months ago when just out of extended warranty. Me and my partner have a washer from them which has lasted quite a long time and quite happy with it to be honest.
I've had a Beko dishwasher for a couple of years. Not long I suppose but I'm happy with it and have had no problems.
6 year Beds tumble dryer still going strong.
I've had a a Beko electric oven and it had to go after 2 failures in the same year, just under 1 year after being bought new. The main oven went due to the fuse issues that model suffered, it took out one of the hobs as well.

I have a Beko washing machine and a tumble dryer. Had them for around 3 years, no complaints from me.
beko dishwasher - 10 years old and works as well as day 1

beko larder fridge - 11 years old and works as well as day 1

bosch washing machine - 12 years old and works as well as day 1

white knight tumble dryer - 10 years old and works as well as day 1

guess I'm just lucky or maybe because I havent bought a hotpoint!
Wife, xx years old, works as well as day 1.(_;)
Beko freezer about 10yrs old.
Been using Beko stuff for years and completely happy. Even the big names don't last like they used to do.
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