beko thread why did it get locked again?

    why did it get locked?


    i payed paypal

    you beat me to the question

    is it because we were all getting a bit stalkerish?

    If it is about investigating the company then surely that's a good thing since no one actually knows for sure who they are or where they are

    I agree we shouldn't be harassing them but in my view there's nothing wrong with trying to find out if they are dodgy or not

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    yh actually i think it should of got locked too many people were chatting rubbish. anyway i found this post by someone on avforums.

    Hello Thread,I'm the friend of freebo who posted earlier in this thread. … Hello Thread,I'm the friend of freebo who posted earlier in this thread. I took receipt of my shiny new PDP-428XD today. This was purchased from [url][/url] last Wednesday. Initially we had ordered a PDP-4280XD each but as the they went out of stock they offered us a PDP-428XD at no addtional cost This deal also included a Pioneer DVD recorder which is on back order and is apparently graded stock. The unit appears to be UK stock, it has a UK plug and warranty card.All in all I found the company to be great to deal with and would definitely use them again.Any questions please ask!Cheers,John

    it seems a bit quite on here to me considering the amount of people that must of ordered!is it that here is just a few of us that are worried?

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    lets just discuss on the thread edi put up. i think its qiuite because guv isnt here.

    I am worried too but think we need to allow the company the 4-6 weeks it said for delivery.

    I feel this could go either way at the moment.

    what thread?

    maybe its quite because its bonfire night


    pls post all comments on the Beko £100 TV in the New Misc thread


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