Belkin 802.11g Router

    I bought this Belkin 802.11g router from amazon and it arrived today. But when I tried to set it up, I found that my computer didnt have ethernet port in my computer as it is a relatively old one. I cannot connect to the internet and I was wondering is there any way of resolving this problem?


    use the usb?

    Original Poster

    It's not USB:?

    urm . . dont know what do advise u!

    But a PCI network card. You can easily find one for under £5 new, i think someone on here was selling one fore £2/3

    ]Heres the thread, he's selling for £2.50.
    £5.50 from ]ebuyer.

    Not even USB 1 ? does it have a handle to wind it up ? :whistling: ;-)

    Or you could buy a USB card or a Wireless card or buy a new computer or sell them both and buy a pidgeon....:-D

    Sorry feeling giddy today but easy to resolve with a choice of PCI options, what OS you running ?

    Lol I think he meant the routers not USB...
    But yeah surely you can just use whatever computer/laptop etc you were going to use to connect to it wirelessly and set it up through that?
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