BELKIN N1 who bought 1 from argos deal a month or 2 back??

Found 10th May 2009
Belkin N1 is driving me mad it drops connection without notice 3 or 4 times a day the only way to get it going again is disable it thro my laptop or goto the router and unplug the power for a few seconds. I never had to touch my £15 netgear router before for 2 years solid. Wish i never bought this crap.

Who else is having the same problem? or knows how i can resolve this?

The antennas are up and its sitting ontop of my printer and im 99% of the time 4 metres away from the router.



yep bought it when it first come out had exactly same problem was sent back within a week
only way i could keep connection was ethernet cable. i tried loads of things even help from belkin themselves
back to the free trusty netgear router from virgin

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Oh i thouht it might be just the argos batch. I guess there all like it?

On the thread deal there was a guy who said he had this router and mentioned he has to reset it once or twice a year... i thought that was bad but i still went and bought it. Having to do it 3 times a day is making me want to smash it up

my belkin router is playing up as well. keeps dropping the connection and i have to reset the router by pulling the power cord from the back for a couple of seconds.

and btw i didnt buy it from the argos deal this router is abit old.
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