Posted 24th Oct 2022
Trying to work out if this coffee has gone for good. 500g bag of ground coffee, really good coffee and really affordable. My local stores haven't had it for ages. Does anyone know?
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    Spotted this thread, and checked my local Lidl on the weekend. You're right - it has disappeared so I've got to try any find a new coffee. I still have 5 packs left in the cupboard so can look round and check the suggestions above.
    its back in now but not the same coffee ... nasty aftertaste like an old ashtray ... shame because the old one was a great coffee
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    I was looking forward to a cup of my favourite coffee at weekend after its absence from the shelves. The replacement stuff is just horrid. A waste of over 3 quid, it ruined my morning and I got rid. Things do change, but surely a retailer would employ a buyer who knows enough about coffee to avoid stocking products this poor., Do they look on their customers as tasteless berks who'll swallow any old brown liquid? To be fair the espresso blend isn't bad but it works out at similar price. And what's going on on the biscuit aisle? (edited)
    Oh no, you're the second person to say this. I'm very tempted to just take it back for a refund without even trying it.
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    We've been buying this coffee for over 25 years! We bought it when we lived in Germany and bulk buy it every few months. I can only see it on eBay for £5.99 per 500g. I bought a 250g bag of columbian 3 star strength coffee from Lidl and it tastes quite similar...
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    On their website they only list the beans and instant in that range.
    Looks like it's the nail in my Lidl coffin. This was the last and only thing i went into Lidl for. (bulk buys, at that) I stopped shopping in Lidl for my weekly shop cos the staff enjoy being so unhelpful and actually nasty.
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    This'll probably get deleted but since Brexit quite a few different items are no longer available in various supermarkets. It's entirely possible that it won't come back, quite a few items I usually buy from Aldi, Lidl have completely disappeared from the shelves
    Yeah it's so grim isn't it. So much stuff is disappearing. I've been drinking this totally decent affordable coffee for over a decade and I HONESTLY CANNOT FACE finding a new coffee to love (for all that's going to cost aswell) on top of everything.
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    This passed my saliva test. 1000% better than Nescafé.

    Sad to see it go

    I've got addicted to ASDA essentials coffee now... Cheap and cheerful but very strong....
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    Just spotted that Sainsbury's appear to have discontinued their Hubbard's Foodstore Coffee: at £1.09 a 227g pack possibly the cheapest ground coffee out there. It was OK.

    That's a pity, so it's back to Aldi or Lidl for me, I guess.
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    UPDATE, NOV 2022:

    Bellarom Gold ground coffee 500g now looks like this and has a strength rating of 4 (old one was 6). It cost £3.29.

    I will update again when i open it.48632855-6jbTF.jpg
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