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    Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy a Ben 10 lunchbag for school? I've only seen one in Tesco's for £8 but doesn't include a sandwich box or drinks bottle. Am I going to find this anywhere any cheaper or am I going to just have to cough up the money?


    there are ben 10 lunchbags/bottles in the asda back to school promotion-never noticed the price Im afraid-give your local a call and ask.

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    Thanks, will have a look

    i was going to say try Matalan but dont bother just go to Toys r Us!

    I got my son one from toys r us in April £10 with sandwich box and drinks bottle x

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    I've checked Asda online and they only have the old Ben 10 lunch bag which is £8 without drinks bottle or sandwich box :…tml

    Argos has one in the old design with both drinks bottle and sandwich box for £10 :…%3E

    Anyone found the new 'Alien Force' design for cheaper or perhaps the same price as that? Thanks in advance!

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    Found the one on Toys R Us here :…63) but it's out of stock :-( plus no drinks bottle with it and I'm not sure if that's a new design?

    I saw them in an Avon brochure-no idea of price but can be checked on line

    in Wilko's today and they had this Alien Force one but nothing inside…%3D

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    Thanks everyone, I ended up buying the Ben 10 Alien Force lunch bag from Tesco for £8 and the matching drinks bottle for £4. I couldn't find them anywhere cheaper but at least my son will be happy on his first day back to school.

    i am sure i saw it in toy r us for half price today

    Sainsbury's had them with the sandwich box and drink for around £8, and also the entertainer (toy store)
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