Ben and Jerry's float

Posted 24th Oct
Ya know that dream you keep having where you’re floating face up in the serene waters of your local bathtub whilst also simultaneously spooning into deLIGHTfully chunky ice cream as puppies start to fall softly from the skies? Well this is it, minus the puppies. Because the lightest way to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s just got even lighter, with our new TUB FLOATIES!…way

To get your hands on one, all you have to do is fill out your

details below and the lucky winners will find their free Tub Floaty sail

on to their doorstep. Then, you and your Moo-phoria tubs can float

merrily alongside one another in an ice cream-filled haze. So floaty. So

chunky. So merry. Happy floating folks!
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I hate life.
Man, this is crazy but I know a friend who would love this
Thank you
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