Bench Jumpers

Found 27th Nov 2008
I am totally in love with everything thing that bench design!! Any idea where online or on the highstreet that they are sold cheaper than the normally larger than my purse price!! anything will help!!! thanks x
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Try M&m Direct Some Great Offers:-d
play have some cheap ones
They have Bench in most TK Maxx as well but Play are usually the cheapest.
t-kmax are pretty good for bench. it can be last seasons designs but they are much cheaper. you have to do a fair bit or rooting to get the size, item that you want. good hunting.
Original Poster
thanks guys!! your all stars ill keep me eyes peeled:D at least now i know where to start lookin
Lol, Bench dont design things,They just take an item of clothing and put the word Bench on it in big letters,Proper tacky,
Original Poster
o well lol i like them:D
Sorry ,Someone rubbed me up the wrong way today,No offence meant,
Original Poster
awwwww u poor thing lol!!! take a chill pill now and be nice:P!!
Is this some kind of sport, like pole vaulting
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