Found 21st Oct 2008
bassicaly im looking for a bit of a heavy duty bench that i could do squats on too, something like this ,…php

but better, they had one in my gym, that i could do squats on and bench press , and when i pushed myself to far , it would catch the bar, so when i crumpled , the weights wouldnt land on me , also it was quite big and neaded to be bolted in to the floor

anyway im looking to get myself one, so any ideas where i can get one or even know what im going on about, cheers

ps i need some 10kg weights , wheres cheapest place i can get some ? argos got some for 22.99 , but im sure i see somewhere the other week advertising them for 14.99

anyway any help would be apreciated

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lol @ 10kg

aint now but a peanut buddayyyyyyy

Original Poster

thats to add to my other weights buddaayy ,

think tesco had some 10kg plates on offer in store have a look there mate

btw, u shouldnt ever really b pushing urself in bench press without a spotter, my gym buddy has been injured for a while so yesterday there was no1 around to spot me so i had to lay of the really heavy weights, im cutting anyway so aint a real big deal. I just dont recommend that u do bench on ur own unless there are ppl around incase it goes horribly wrong, im gonna search for some weights during lunch which is bout 20mins, will hopefully get bk to u.

edit : just read ur op properly ye them benches are good.
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