Posted 27th Sep 2022
I've recently been told I have high cholesterol and the Doctor suggested I consider taking Benecol (alongside other lifestyle changes). As a money saver I was naturally drawn to the Tesco own brand equivalent (£2.75 / £4). However I just spotted that Benecol says each pot has 2g of plant stanols, but the Tesco ones say they contain 2g of plant sterols.

I've spent ages online searching for an explanation (that I understand) or a comparison between the products. I haven't found anything and wondered if any of you guys had done any similar research.
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    But you will have to eat pots and pots (Kgs) of them to achieve any meaningful outcomes. Just avoid meat and wine for a while, combined with brisk long walks. Should do the trick.

    And dont fall for th Statin prescription, either.

    Often a change of dietary habits and conscious mindfulness of what you eat will get you the results.
    You don't have to eat pot and pots of them at all. Who can eat several kgs a day of yoghurt???

    1 pot per day is enough.
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    pretty sure theyll do the same job.. reviews say they work but some say the taste isnt great compared to the benecol.

    eat some porridge regular aswell. nice n cheap too
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    Compare the ingredients on both, it'll probably be the same or very similar
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