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Found 25th Nov 2016
I've been watching the Benq GW2765HT for a Black Friday deal however nothing has come to light so far however I've now seen a Benq GW2765HE which looks to have similar specs but is £70 cheaper?, does anyone have any experience of the HE or can help me understand the difference
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Looks like BenQ GW2765HT is the UK version and BenQ GW2765HE has very little information it appears to be the exact same spec but another countries model number - possibly Czech republic (based on the websites I found one mentioned the HE is possibly be an older monitor).

The only people that could possibly answer the differences will be BenQ. Might be worth giving them a call. Or live chat here.…us/
Thanks for the advice, have just tried Benq who could confirm the HE was a legitimate product, maybe discontinued, but didn't have any information on it themselves and tried to sell me the HT instead!
I was looking for the differences myself. The polish Benq website (and probably others) lists the model using the HE model name. The specification page is very similar although some lines are missing. Interestingly the page caption is not edited and actually says "HT" rather than "HE". So the "on paper" specification is identical. It could just be a marketing difference and/or differential pricing for eastern europe... On the other hand the electronics or especially the lcd panel might be different in order to bring the price down for those markets. Its almost impossible to know without side by side testing.

If I remember correctly the HT has always been rated a bit lower than other IPS 1440 monitors BUT its price has tended to reflect that. Lately a few of the others have had a bit of price competition (at least until the Brexit sterling drop hits new stock), so that has narrowed the gap. Eg. Samsung S27D850T now £330, or £343 - £367, and my favourite the Asus PB278QR recently turning up at £340, although its £345 today (sigh). The HT model is £300 at laptopsdirect and eg. £329 elsewhere. The HE seems to have been a similar price (ebuyer claim £315 before) but £230 is a steal for a 1440 IPS unless its rubbish. The only other contender at that priceband is the Hanns-G HQ271HPG which is showing £208 at CCL but has weak reviews if I remember correctly.
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